At Lars Langberg Architects the design process is explored through context, common sense, and collaboration: context of the needs of the client and the character of the site; common sense through wise use of resources, careful siting, and overall sustainable building principles; and collaboration through listening and open communication with clients, builders, and consultants. By following these principles, we create truly satisfying projects of lasting comfort and beauty.

Lars Langberg Architects was founded in Sonoma County by Lars in 2003 after he relocated with his family from San Francisco. The storefront office was established in Sebastopol five years later, and the firm just celebrated 10 years in the center of the bustling west county town. As business grew and opportunities expanded, a second location in Denver, Colorado was added in 2017.

Our Denver office continues to flourish and grow. Led by Project Architect Charles Marr, the team has developed into a cohesive cohort that is inspiring the old guard in Sebastopol. Working out of the Thrive Ballpark shared workspace, the co-working environment sets the tone for a collaborative approach to project work. Currently they are leading California based projects, as well as developing local projects in the Denver area.


Lars Langberg


With 25 years experience in the world of architecture, Lars brings a wide variety of influences and inspirations that have established a successful practice in both residential and commercial building design. Projects have included residential family estates, strategic retrofits, live music venues, and engaging civic buildings. A deep respect for the patterns of nature, a love of art, music and dance, and an appreciation of the lively interaction of people in the built environment have all helped create a process to reveal the best solutions for any given projects parameters.

Lars completed a Masters of Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), after receiving a B.A. with a major in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a licensed architect in the state of California, and a certified green building professional, having completed a professional certificate program at Sonoma State University. He established the practice in west Sonoma County in 2003, and moved the office to Sebastopol in 2008 to establish 108 Art & Design, a storefront workspace, art gallery, and locus for education and advocacy about the world of design. He is currently a member of the Design Review Board of the City of Sebastopol, and a founding member of The Core Project, an ad hoc committee of local professionals that advocate for evocative, smart development in Sebastopol’s downtown.

Charles Marr

Charles is an avid fly fisherman, skier, and outdoorsman. His love of the outdoors led him back to his home state of Colorado after learning everything he could about California’s southern and northern schools of architectural design.

The notions of indoor outdoor living, open plans and flexible multipurpose rooms and spaces, entertainment kitchens, and expressive modern forms have shaped his design thinking and process. The idea of exposing the structure to enhance one’s experience of space. The use of natural materials concrete, wood, steel, stone, ceramics, and glass.

Charles heads up the Denver office of Lars Langberg Architects.

Bryan Almquist

After completing a masters degree in architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, Bryan practiced in the Bay area for five years, working primarily on education projects. He stayed in architecture but spent the next fifteen years in the lead technology position at a large international architecture and interior design firm, then started an architecture focused software company. He returned to practicing architecture with Lars Langberg Architects.

Caroline Wood

Caroline graduated with a B.A. in Latin American Literature from Wesleyan University. She has visited over 25 countries and has resided in eight. Exposure to different cultures at an early age helped Caroline develop an interest in the arts, particularly the fine arts, costume design, and cuisine. When not working with Lars Langberg Architects, Caroline pursues her passion for horses as an environmental consultant. Caroline currently runs the Oregon satellite office from Southern Oregon where she resides on a family farm with her husband, son, and three dogs.

Viet Hung Ha

Ha is a short guy who likes to fly onto the sky counterclockwise at night. He is kind, shy and is an opened mind guy. He always smiles with every human kind. He enjoys the morning time when the sun wakes up to shine. He loves the moment when he blows his mind at deadline. He has good architectural eyes and tries to bring his dreams to life. That’s why he put all of his life into his designs.

Ryan Wakat

Ryan is hands on and young at heart. Originally from Chicago, Ryan first dipped his feet into resourceful, site responsive building design in his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Colorado. Prior to joining Lars Langberg Architects, he spent time as a whitewater river guide in the Rocky Mountains and worked in the field of architecture and construction in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects in Colorado and Continental Europe and is pursuing his architects license. Ryan enjoys building furniture and planning future cross-country bike tours across Scandinavia and between ancient ruins in the southwestern US.

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