Nightlight Lounge

A series of hand-crafted design elements were inserted into the sub-grade Daylight Building from 1900 to create a multi-use lounge, gallery, and music venue that embraced the existing industrial elements of the space. The stone foundation was repointed and exposed, and the fire sprinkler riser of the building is enclosed in its own vitrine. This was juxtaposed with reclaimed wood walls, vintage furniture, and vibrant wall colors.

The service bar, sound booth, and VIP lounge all frame the view to the stage. The 3” thick bar top at the main bar is fabricated from an 800-year old, salvaged Douglas fir timber. Closing the custom, sliding doors with large, inset windows allows the upper lounge to be separated from the main room for private, VIP functions; open them for an additional seating area, with five bus driver seats for one of the best views of the show. A textured Douglas fir wall with frosted windows separates the band’s entrance to the stage from the main dance floor, which is also accessed via ramp from the mezzanine.

Project Team:

General Contractor
Albert Timmer, Impero Construction

Owner/ Project Manager
Matthew Feigenbaum

Construction Documents
Gary Gideon, Gideon Architects

Peter Larsen

Peter Noble, Revolver Design

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