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Todd Barricklow

ceramics and metal artist.

Barricklow is a Santa Rosa-based artist that creates 3-D glazed and kilned ceramics with vivid Sgraffito that mimic wood-block prints. 

His Recreational Defense Vehicles tap into the world of post-apocalyptic scavenging survival a la Max Max and Burning Man. 

To find out more, visit his website.

Leslie Zumwalt

collage and assemblage.

Leslie’s careful treatment of the fragile, organic materials that form her palette creates a journey of discovery for the viewer. Upon closer inspection of the meticulously ordered and framed layers of pattern and color, beautiful details emerge like the whisper of a secret –butterfly wings, feathers, fallen leaves, and bees.

See more of Leslie’s work at her website.

Seth Richardson

mixed media artist and craftsman.

In his true-to-form ability to see beauty everywhere and pursue the white rabbit of craft and material down its hole, Seth takes a step away from his work with concrete, metal and raw wood to create mixed media pieces that celebrate where the beauty and rawness of Sonoma County’s landscape meet his craft.  Canvas, plaster, paint, resin and organic vegetation come together to revel the modern abstract.

Explore the breadth of Seth’s repertoire on his website.

Gregory Odle

restoration and mixed media artist.

Repurposing wood pallets, Gregory showcases the scuffs, scratches and discolorations that hold the history of his wooden canvas, painting directly onto its surface with a bright, red texture.

Gregory also owns and manages Retrospect, a vintage furniture store neighboring our 108 Art & Design location in downtown Sebastopol specializing in mid-century modern furnishings and decor.

Gary Weiner

photography and interactive artist.

The photographs that are part of his exhibit, “I Shall Be Released” are selected from 12 years of work and are part of the collection shown in the video.  The sequenced pictures act as a bildungsroman, the growth of a man and the relative freedom of spirit that comes to those lucky enough to have led a life filled with love, family, romance, friend, community and congeniality.

You can purchase Gary’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s iconic song at his Bandcamp Page.

Tom Segura

furniture maker.

With an uncluttered simplicity Tom’s single person bench is reminiscent of the zen-like precision and balance of Chinese calligraphy.  The bench is detailed with inlaid wood joinery and celebrates the natural beauty of the wood itself.

See more of Tom’s quality craftsmanship and unique approach to furniture on his website.

Sunridge Class 3

architectural forms.

As part of Lars’ passion for teaching, he works with local third graders on an annual basis to build on basic architectural concepts the students have been learning as part of their curriculum. This year, the focus was on the skyscraper and building tall into the night sky.

Read more about Lars’ approach to teaching here.

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