We were so pleased to have local artist Valerie Seaberg’s ceramic and mixed media works on display in our storefront window at our 108 A&D Sebastopol location, and sorry to see her go!   We are thrilled, however, to welcome Todd Barricklow and his recreational defense vehicles to our storefront!  

A ceramics and mixed media artist, Wyoming artist Valerie Seaberg describes herself as an ocean child destined for mountain life.

Her mixed media vessels are like great, tumbled beach combing finds, undulating clay forms encircled by pine needles or horsehair. They are high country marriages between an ancient ocean and raw land.

Valerie Seaberg’s works are muscular, sensual and convey a deep sense of time, earth, and element. 

To find out more, visit her website.

We’re delighted to showcase the ceramic and metal works of Todd Barricklow at our 108 A&D storefront window!

Todd’s Recreational Defense Vehicles tap into the world of post-apocalyptic scavenging survival a la Max Max and Burning Man.

The detailed graphic elements, signature to his style, come from his work in woodblock prints. 

Follow him on Instagram  @toddbarricklow

Our storefront location we affectionately call, 108 A&D, short for “art and design” was conceived of as a locus for design and education about the built environment.  Routinely showcasing local artists, hosting events, and housing a teaching environment.

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