We are happy to announce that Lars Langberg Architects has become a signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment, joining more than 700 firms and organizations worldwide. This initiative encourages architects to strive to create carbon neutral buildings by the year 2030. Buildings contribute to 39% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and consume 60% of electricity worldwide and these numbers can be significantly reduced through appropriate design strategies.


As an architecture firm located in the Western US, we have experienced and seen the effects of climate change on a daily basis; with ever larger and more intense wildfires, prolonged drought, and a decreasing snowpack year after year. This past year was a hard reminder of the challenges we face, as we endured days full of choking smoke and falling ash at both our Sebastopol and Denver offices.

‘As architects, we understand the need to exercise leadership in creating the built environment. We believe we must alter our profession’s practices and encourage our clients and the entire design and construction industry to join with us to change the course of the planet’s future.”
-From our 2030 Commitment Letter.


As we move forward, we look forward to having important conversations around sustainability with our consultants and clients.


Read the full commitment letter below.

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