“How do we get to a solution that works?” Lars addresses the audience at the grand opening of the last piece of the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center’s master plan, the Meeting Hall. The celebration, in honor of the project’s completion and Lars’ role in creating the landmark structure, unveiled a legacy that is as much about social and environmental transformation, as it is a personal one for Lars.

Touching on the collaborative and reflective process, and the challenges in designing such a large building that both fits into the landscape and lands in a beautiful way, Lars expresses gratitude for a unique opportunity.

The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (OAEC) is located in West Sonoma County and is an 80-acre facility dedicated to research, education, bio and cultural diversity, advocacy and community-organizing. The Meeting Hall was created with a mindfulness for design, quality of materials, function and sustainability that goes hand in hand with the organization’s core mission of transformative development through meaningful, community gathering.

Learn more about OAEC and their education programs here: https://oaec.org/

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